Founded in 2006, zAgile's mission is to integrate teams, tools and applications, processes, and knowledge. zAgile is the creator of Wikidsmart, a powerful platform for instant, smart integration of any software engineering tool as well as applications like CRM, Help Desk, and more.

With Wikidsmart, now cross-functional teams and cross-functional processes benefit from systems that work together effortlessly. Team members can work within the applications and tools they are accustomed to while interacting with tangentially related content from other teams' tools and applications. For example, sales teams can work within Salesforce while viewing their Accounts' tasks that are pulled from the JIRA issue tracker and Tickets from Zendesk. And managers can see a 360 degree view of all content in reports and dashboards and find precise information with faceted search. With appropriate access rights, team members can view relevant account or project information in a summarized and contextually related form, pulling content from JIRA, Salesforce, and Zendesk within the Confluence wiki, portal, or other desired application's or tool's GUI.

Wikidsmart Solutions are based upon its Wikidsmart Context Server (WCS). More powerful and flexible than point-to-point connectors or a traditional enterprise service bus (ESB), WCS acts as an information integration server delivering traceability and interoperability of information across tools and applications. Additionally, the WCS knowledge model represents all aspects of domains such as software engineering, CRM, and Help Desk, and other domains can be easily added. This enables powerful new, customizable solutions to be created for virtually any use case.

With these abilities, zAgile has solved one of the most long-standing and perplexing problems in collaboration: the problem of contextually integrating teams, tools and applications, processes, and knowledge. zAgile products significantly reduce costs of collaboration on projects, assure consistency of methodologies across all projects, and increase visibility and predictability of delivery schedules.