In the following high-level representations of the Wikidsmart architecture, tool-specific concepts and attributes are captured by WCS via Connectors and mapped to the WCS Knowledge Model. The knowledge model serves as the reference for integration for Wikidsmart Solutions (including reports and dashboards) and Wikidsmart Portal.

Wikidsmart Context Server Captures Artifacts from Each the Tools' and Applications'
                      Repositories and Maps Each to the Knowledge Model

     The WCS Knolwedge Model Drives Wikidsmart Solutions , Reports, and Dashboards 

Wikidsmart Context Server (WCS)

Wikidsmart Context Server provides contextually relevant content served from any applications or tools connected to it.

WCS delivers two main functions:

Contextual Integration

More powerful and flexible than point-to-point connectors or a traditional enterprise service bus (ESB), WCS delivers:

  1. Interoperability of content, at a granular level, amongst all tools and applications
  2. Traceability of content across tools and applications
  3. Federated search of content across tools and applications
  4. Contextual information for software engineering and even from the whole enterprise infrastructure to be served within any application.
Application Context

WCS is driven by a Knowledge Model, an ontology of the software engineering domain. The knowledge model “understands” the content and relationships of all software engineering concepts and artifacts (e.g. release, build, bug, requirement, feature, etc.). This enables powerful new, customizable applications to be created for virtually any software engineering use case. This is also what drives  zAgile Wikidsmart Solutions for PM, QA, ALM, and CRM.


All Connectors are bi-directional, meaning each Connector interfaces between itself and all other tools and applications via WCS.

Connectors capture only the content that is contextually relevant to link together software engineering concepts. Source application owns and retains its data. Connectors retrieve data at run-time as required, based upon security access rights.

Currently, Connectors are available for: Confluence, JIRA, Selenium, FishEye, Jenkins, and You may create your own Connectors or have zAgile build them for you.

Confluence Templates for Wikidsmart Solutions

These structured wiki templates provide ways to create and report on content:

   a) Form templates: These allow you to capture content in a consistent and structured way. For example, product managers can enter Requirements and Use Cases in a consistent format.
   b) Report templates: these allow you to auto-generate pages based upon queries of the WCS knowledge model. This means that pages can be auto-generated based upon federated content of not only the software engineering tools but all other enterprise applications connected to WCS.

Of course Form and Report templates may be combined within one page to create consistent dynamic content.

Wikidsmart Portal

Wikidsmart Portal is powered by Red Hat GateIn. For support of other portal technologies, contact