Recorded Webnar: Introduction to Wikidsmart

Wikidsmart is a powerful platform that delivers instant, smart integration between any software engineering tool (Application Lifecycle Management / ALM) as well as business applications like CRM (Customer Relationship Management, such as Salesforce) and Help Desk (Zendesk). Wikidsmart delivers interoperability, traceability, faceted search, and a unified reporting layer across your environment. In addition, you can achieve new composite applications within your existing environment, which is particularly useful for cross-functional teams such as pre-sales, customer support, professional services, etc.

The Wikidsmart platform provides organizations with a unified environment to improve collaboration, accelerate productivity, and maximize visibility and predictability across the software engineering lifecycle. At the front end, it brings customer information into the delivery cycles by integrating customer account and case information with software development and customer implementation projects.  At the back end, it ties check-ins and builds with stakeholders, features, and requirements to provide better metrics on resource utilization and ROI.  

Wikidsmart consists of the following products:

Wikidsmart Context Server ( WCS):
Integration server which instantly integrates all tools and applications

Wikidsmart Solutions:
(each includes WCS)
  • PM: Requirements Management within Confluence, tied to JIRA
  • QA: Test Case Management within Confluence, tied to JIRA and Selenium for Automation
  • ALM: PM and QA plus integration with Continuous Integration (Jenkins) and Version Control (FishEye for Subversion, Git, Perforce, etc.)
  • CRM: Integrate content and processes between Salesforce, Zendesk, Confluence and JIRA. Perfect for cross-functional teams and processes.
  • CD: Community Dashboards, reports, traceability and faceted search of your open source Community projects' tools content.



zAgileConnect provides deep integration and interoperability between Salesforce and JIRA. It facilitates improved coordination and collaboration between Support and Engineering teams without requiring them to constantly access both applications.